The Living Nativity

During the month of December, churches from around the Hampton Roads and Richmond Tri-City areas hire us to bring our adorable miniature farm animals for live nativities. People come from all over to visit churches and experience an adventure that takes them back to Roman times. Some churches even go as far as decorating the inside and outside of their church to depict Roman cities and buildings. When guests arrive they get to feel the experience of Roman times, present themselves to Roman Soldiers for census registration like people used to do in biblical times and drive through Judea. There will also be shepherds keeping watch in the field, an Angel announcing Christ’s birth and more! This journey usually ends at a manger scene, where guests will see baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph surrounded by live animals with wise men and shepherds. Some live nativities provide live music and snacks for their guests to enjoy. Come and experience this living nativity with The Teeny Tiny Farm! Visit our Facebook page for announcements of dates, places and times to come:

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