Petting Zoo

  • This includes all of our sweet petting animals! Mini cow, miniature llama or alpaca, miniature donkey, mini horse, miniature pig, miniature goats, and a miniature sheep!
  • $250 first hour
  • $150 each additional hour/ $100 each additional half hour
  • Our lovely little critters are safe, friendly and eager to visit with you!
  • travel fee applies *

Pony Rides

  • Minimum 2 hours unless combined with zoo
  • $200 per pony first hour
  • $150 per pony each additional hour
  • $100 per pony each additional half hour
  • We dress our ponies to impress!!!!
  • travel fee applies*

Baby Zoo

  • Our most versatile!!!! This usually includes: Baby miniature goats, baby mini sheep, baby mini pig, bunnies, guinea pig, ducks or ducklings, chicks or chickens, turtles, and one of our snakes!
  • $250 first hour
  • $150 each additional hour/ $100 additional half hour
  • This is a very flexible package! We can be indoors or outside! A wide variety of species and able to fit most any space!
  • travel fee applies *