Why a Kune Kune Pig

I have fallen in love with the New Zealand Kune Kune pigs! I guess you can say I am biased toward them because they have become my favorite breed of pig. But there is a reason I am biased toward the Kune Kunes. First of all, I have raised both micro miniature potbelly pigs in… Read More

A day in the life at The Teeny Tiny Farm…

So my big brother asked me to write about what happens in a day at The Teeny Tiny Farm. Well…let me start by saying this. I AM SPOILED!!! Yup…I am one spoiled momma alright. My husband gets up at the butt crack of dawn every morning to feed the farm. There is llama food, pig… Read More

Why The Teeny Tiny Farm

Many people ask me why did you name your business The Teeny Tiny Farm? Is it because you have all miniature farm animals? While having miniature farm animals is partly true, the true meaning behind naming the farm “The Teeny Tiny Farm” is from a book called “The Teeny, Tiny Farm” that I used to… Read More