Cart Rides to Come to The Teeny Tiny Farm

I have always wanted to learn how to drive a miniature horse and cart, and now is the time it’s going to happen! I have found the perfect miniature horse for the farm, her name is Belle. She came from an auction where no one wanted her, and all the more reason to add her… Read More

The BEST Birthday Ever!

I named one of our party packages “The BEST Party Ever” because it’s just that, The BEST Party Ever!! We bring out a fully decorated pony for the kids to ride on and all of our super tame and friendly little miniature farm animals for the kids to pet and love on. And I’m not… Read More

The Living Nativity

During the month of December, churches from around the Hampton Roads and Richmond Tri-City areas hire us to bring our adorable miniature farm animals for live nativities. People come from all over to visit churches and experience an adventure that takes them back to Roman times. Some churches even go as far as decorating the… Read More